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The Krishak Sahyog Sansthan (KSS) is a registered organization under the society registration Act 1973, in 2000. It is registered with the (FCRA) Ministry of home affairs, Government of India. It is also registered under the section 12 A Income Tax Act 1961, Government Of Madhya Pradesh.

KSS has been working in two districts, including Raisen and Sagar of Madhya Pradesh. The main theme is to empower the Least Advantaged Group (LAG), including the SCs, STs, marginalized farmers, women & Child development Rights and people living in poor and vulnerable areas. They need to be empowered so that they are capable to engage effectively in making their own development path and managing local resources. It has significant experience of 20 years in the field of transformation of indigenous knowledge and techniques, women’s empowerment, equality, social justice and civic rights for Dalits. Also in the field of education, health, management of natural resources, entrepreneurship development and organizational development. KSS has a wide experience in working with communities from various socioeconomic backgrounds and hard to reach areas of the Sagar and Raisen districts of MP.

The main Objectives are:

  1. To operate Agriculture Educational Institutions in rural areas.
  2. Cultivation of herbs and aromatic plants for income generation and forest management and protection.
  3. Sustainable Consumption of natural resources in perpetuity, counselling and training of rural youths on self-employment creation.
  4. Environmental education, rural sanitation, health consciousness and implementation of women and child development programmes.
  5. Compilation of rural folk literature, development of public consciousness on superstitions and drug de-addiction.
  6. Formation of Self-Help Groups and organizing workshops, seminars on improved agricultural techniques.
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